The Ultimate Guide to Discount Dining in Edinburgh!

Posted by Laura Springer on Mar 13, 2019 12:42:48 PM

With more restaurants per head than any other UK city (including London!), Edinburgh is a world-class destination for food lovers. Love fine dining and opulent dining experiences? Edinburgh boasts 4 Michelin-starred restaurants; the third highest in the UK after London and Birmingham! With such high credentials, Edinburgh has forged its own path as a worldwide foodie destination. 

Prefer a more casual, affordable dining experience? Edinburgh sure has that too! With casual dining restaurants popping up like mushrooms across the city, there's something for everyone in this historic capital city. Proving Scottish cuisine is so much more than the traditional haggis, neeps and tatties, innovative chefs are twisting classic ingredients into new, exciting and unprecedented dishes that'll challenge even the most experienced taste buds. There's a wealth of Scottish produce right on their very doorsteps, from Scottish salmon to Aberdeen Angus beef; there's everything needed to create incredible dishes. 

This guide is updated every week so make sure you bookmark the page to find out the best Edinburgh deals! 

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Wellbeing

Posted by Laura Springer on Feb 28, 2019 12:00:23 PM

Sir Richard Branson has been one of the most outspoken advocates for nurturing a great company culture and the benefits it has for employers and employees alike. He believes, “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business. It’s as simple as that”, encouraging the importance of fostering employees and how it is the best investment a business could make. Everyone knows that a successful company is built by talented, dedicated employees (even the word ‘company’ is etymologically linked to ‘people’). With the average UK worker spending over 82,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime, it’s critical that these labour hours are nurtured. In recent years, companies are gradually learning to acknowledge this statistic, rather than deny its existence, and what it means for their business if those 82,000 hours are spent wisely. Studies after studies demonstrate the causal link between a boost in employee wellbeing and productivity; something every business constantly needs to improve.

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The Ultimate Guide to Discount Dining in Manchester!

Posted by Laura Springer on Feb 15, 2019 11:34:23 AM

According to the dreamy Fred Sirieix (the French guy from First Dates), Manchester is the food hub of the North West. With more restaurants, food markets and food festivals than ever before, it's not all that surprising that budding restaurateurs choose Manchester as their home. The food scene is incredibly varied from the independent eateries and coffee shops of the Northern Quarter, fine dining restaurants of Deansgate and the well loved chain restaurants of the Corn Exchange, there's a lot on offer here. I honestly believe it would take years to eat your way through all the restaurants here (I have lived here for five years, believe me, I've tried!)

This guide is updated every week so make sure you bookmark the page to find out the best Manchester deals! 

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Alma de Cuba

Posted by The Greedy Cow on Oct 16, 2018 12:07:38 PM

So what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than in a church converted into a restaurant, enjoying a Sunday Lunch whilst listening to live Gospel music… Well that is exactly what you can do at Alma de Cuba’s ever popular Gospel Sunday Brunch, each Sunday between 1-6pm.

The Gospel Sunday Brunch has been part of Alma de Cuba’s weekly ‘What’s On’ for many years now and still hasn’t lost its charm. We arrived on a cold autumn day to be warmed not only by the food & drink but by the atmosphere too. The bar was quiet when we arrived and we made our way upstairs to the restaurant. Welcomed by oversized chandeliers and burning candles, Alma does Hygge without even trying to, which is perfect as the days shorten and nights get longer.

Although it was a school night, we opted for the Pinot Grigio from Chile. A wine from Chile is always my fall back and best tip for anyone who isn’t a connoisseur of wine lists. As the wine was poured the Gospel singers began. Expect soulful classics like ‘I’ll be There’ and R-Kelly’s ‘I believe I can fly’ mixed in with Gospel Choir and songs straight out of Sister Act. The band position themselves right on the old Church alter which is perfect for those Instagram pics.

We passed on starters and went straight for the Beef Sunday Roast. Now Alma de Cuba don’t just do Sunday Roasts, they do one of the best Sunday Roasts in the city. Oversized Yorkshire pud, thick slices of beef with all the trimmings and a delicious red wine gravy. Although the food was delicious, we both struggled to finish our plates. Not a bad thing at all!

After a good break between courses to let our lunch settle, we opted for the Chocolate Brownie with a kick of chilli. I’m not a big fan of spice, especially in my dessert, but it worked! The brownie was flaky and soft, topped with ice cream and presented perfectly with drizzles of caramel. Be warned though it does have a kick to it!

The whole afternoon was wrapped up perfectly whilst the Gospel band finished on ‘Oh Happy Day’. What an absolute classic to sum up how we were feeling after a great afternoon at Alma de Cuba. With winter around the corner, Sunday Brunch at Alma is definitely your perfect winter warmer!

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La Finca Eivissa

Posted by The Greedy Cow on Jul 25, 2018 3:03:18 PM

With just around 6 weeks until my long-awaited return to the White Isle, it was a no brainer to make La Finca Eivissa my next venture as part of the Table Now Professional Eater experience. This place oozes all things Ibiza with an almost hippy, happy-go-lucky vibe and is nestled in between some of Liverpool’s busiest nightlife spots. A bit of a sea of tranquility amongst all the madness outside, especially on a Saturday night, as it was when I visited.

Thanks to the barmy summer we are having, the temperatures were high and windows and doors of the restaurant were all wide open with people enjoying drinks semi-al fresco with chilled Ibiza beats playing in the background.

The team at La Finca were great as always… greeted at the door and taken to our table on the upper floor, we had a window seat to watch the world go by. First up, it wouldn’t be right to go for tapas without enjoying a jug of Sangria. Here you can mix and match ingredients to make your own. I went with a red wine base, apples & oranges mixed with cranberry & orange juice, topped with lemonade for that extra fizz. The result was amazing!

On to the tapas, we went for honey glazed chorizo, bruschetta, ham and cheese croquettes and a couple of specials. The specials board is updated regularly here so never stick to just the menu! We went for the sweet chilli chicken wings which melted off the bone and were absolutely delicious. The next special is not a special per se as it isn’t on the specials board, however it deserves a special mention as such. The Mama Mia fries, topped in cheese and albondigas are definitely worth a go! Leave the Ibizan diet aside and give these a whirl!

To top the night off the Ibizan diet was completely forgotten about as we opted for the chocolate brownie and ice cream. Wow! What a brownie!

One final jug of Sangria and a move to one of the infamous ‘beds’ to enjoy the music was a perfect ending to our Saturday night. It is no wonder this place has been consistently in the Top 5 restaurants in Liverpool on TripAdvisor recently. Whether you want to get in the mood for your upcoming Ibiza holiday or whether you have got those post-Ibiza blues, this place is the perfect pick-me-up!

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The best Burgers Liverpool has to offer

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:31:32 PM

On April 1st 1998, Burger King took out a full page in the USA today newspaper introducing a new variant of the Whopper which was designed specifically for lefties. This new burger was the same as the original but was rotated 180 degrees. Nonetheless, thousands of people swarmed BK’s up and down the U.S demanding a left-handed burger.

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The Four Finest Italian Restaurants in Manchester

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:31:09 PM

The year was 79 AD, Julius Agricola had just travelled up the M40 and arrived in what he called Mamucian. What a fine place he thought as he had visions of great football teams and the Happy Mondays. Ever since, not much has changed. Just the name.

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The Tastiest Tapas Manchester Has To Offer

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:30:52 PM

The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, meaning “to cover”. Some say tapas got its name because back in the day Spaniards used to cover their drinks with small plates to stop the flies.

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The Best Gastro Pubs In Manchester

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:30:38 PM

George Orwell, famous author of many classics including Animal Farm and other dystopian novels, once said this of the pub:

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The Best mid-range Dining Experiences in Manchester

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:30:24 PM

So you're looking for a bit of fancy? Something a bit different? Something that you can invite your fun friends to? You're also looking for something that isn't going to leave you boracic-lint skint

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