Best Places for brunch in Manchester

Posted by Laura Springer on Jun 6, 2019 4:15:27 PM
Laura Springer

best brunch places in northern quarter manchester

Arguably America’s best export (yep, I went there), brunch is a meal enjoyed by many. Usually ranging from as early as 9am to as late as 4pm, brunch is the perfect weekend meal; it provides comfort, laziness and is without time restrictions. Whether you’re fresh as a daisy and want a big meal before an active day out, or you’re suffering from the night before, heading out for Brunch is always the solution! 

Brunch spots serve everything from a traditional Full English Breakfast to an all-American pancake stack, steak and eggs to breakfast cocktails. What more could you ask for?

With a sea of different brunch spots in Manchester, it can sometimes be a bit of a mission deciding which one to visit. Should you go back to the same place you always go and love, or, branch out and try something different? There's too much choice! 

That's why we have compiled our list of the best brunch spots in Manchester that we love to visit. The majority are in the city centre, but there are some in surrounding areas too. 


food brunch breakfast

What’s the vibe: If you want a taste of LA without having to leave Manchester, FoodWell is the spot for you. The newly opened deli, restaurant and yoga studio all contribute to their ethos of mindfulness and wellness. It’s a tranquil spot in the heart of bustling Spinningfields.

What should you eat: If you want a classic brunch dish, opt for the Steak and Eggs. Feeling more adventurous? Sample their jalapeno cornbread with black bean salsa.

Price range: Around the 9-11 mark.


food brunch dishoom

What’s the vibe: Imitating the old Irani Cafes of Bombay that have almost gone extinct, Dishoom delivers the best of Bombay’s rich culture and cuisine.

What should you eat: You have to try the Wrestler’s Naan Roll; smoked streaky bacon, peppery pork sausages and runny-yolked egg inside a freshly baked naan. We’re not drooling, you are.

Price range: Around the 10-12 mark but worth every penny!



trove food brunch

What’s the vibe: Beginning as a humble market stall trading at weekends, Trove is now a popular local restaurant. What was once a husband and wife team has now developed into a collection of talented artisans making food from scratch, by hand, with a central focus on organic ingredients and locally sourced produce. It’s amazing any time of the day, but people tend to flock there for the brunch.

What should you eat: Anything that comes with bread! Their artisan bread is homemade, and there are five different kinds to choose from.

Price range: 7-9 pound mark, it’s very well priced considering how much is homemade.


food breakfast brunch federal

What’s the vibe: Claudio and Emily opened Federal in 2014 and have ended up creating a community of like-minded souls who are passionate about great coffee and amazing brunch. The Antipodean culture is what sets them apart from the crowd.

What should you eat: The French Toast is to die for; macerated berries, white chocolate and almond crumble, whipped vanilla mascarpone and salted caramel.

Price range: Really depends on what you order, between 8-10 pounds.

Alabama’s All-American Eatery


alabama brunch breakfast food manchester

What’s the vibe: Alabama’s All-American Eatery does what it says on the tin; brings the best of authentic American cuisine to the eager streets of Manchester! 

What should you eat: One thing Americans do sublimely is buttermilk pancakes and waffles!

Price range: Almost everything is £9.

Koffee Pot 

koffee pot northern quarter manchester

What’s the vibe: The Koffee Pot is a Mancunian institution, serving up hearty no-nonsense breakfasts and other much-loved British classics to the good people of Manchester for the last decade.

What should you eat: Got to be one of their iconic fry ups; there’s English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Veggie and Vegan to choose from!

Price range: Between £9-£11.


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