The Ultimate Guide to Discount Dining in Glasgow!

Posted by Laura Springer on Mar 20, 2019 3:03:09 PM
Laura Springer


It's fair to say that Glasgow's food scene used to be little more than deep fried Mars bars and bland, beige dishes. There was a lack of adventure and experimentation when it came to the food scene; people clearly feared the unknown, and stuck to the food they knew and loved. That was until around five years ago when Glasgow underwent a food revolution that has been seen across many a major city in the UK. People wanted something new. 

This food revolution began in the student-heavy West, where young people were constantly looking for something new to try. Restaurants have been constantly popping up like mushrooms ever since, and there doesn't seem to be any sign that it's slowing down! With a whole host of recognisable chains and quirky independent restaurants, there's something for everyone in Glasgow's food scene. 

This guide is updated every week so make sure you bookmark the page to find out the best Glasgow deals! 

Here at TableNow, we are passionate about the food industry, especially when it can be affordable for everyone. Discounted dining: it's at the heart of everything we do. After all, food always tastes better when you've saved on it! We launched a dining club back in 2017 called TableNow in the pursuit of finding the best deals for our members. We begun in Manchester (where we all live and work, please come and say hi!) and have since spread across Yorkshire and have recently launched in Scotland, despite how chilly it is up there! We are committed to working with the best restaurants and have more joining every single day! It's an incredibly exciting time at TableNow HQ, and we'd love you to join us on our journey. Check us out here!

If you love dining as much as we do and wish you could do it more often but the bank balance just doesn't permit it, well this is where this handy little guide could come in useful; it has been lovingly crafted wit those who love to dine for less in mind. You're very welcome.

1. Tibo – 30% off Food and Drink 

Angus Macleod & Usman Shaikh are the owners of Dennistoun’s most prominent and vibrant restaurant for almost a decade. They have worked hard to build an honest reputation through great food and friendly service. The dedicated staff and continued support of local customers maintains Tibo as a staple in the East End of Glasgow. 

Tibo is classed as a Scottish restaurant but has much to offer seafood lovers, carnivores and the growing vegetarian and vegan community. The menu is updated seasonally, which allows for more creative and carefully designed specials, giving you even more to choose from visit to visit. It is also a wonderful venue for local talent. Open mic nights, exhibitions and filming projects are held to help promote artists and give back to the community. They don’t call Tibo the ‘gem of the East End’ for nothing.

If you savour the taste of fine Scottish cuisine, made fresh every day from only the best local produce, then Tibo is the place for you. Tibo serve an eclectic menu perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. For brunch, there's everything from full Scottish breakfasts to French Toast and ox cheek. Whilst for lunch and dinner, there's a range of vegan, meat and fish dishes. The seabass and their homemade pizzas are particularly special! 

If you want to check out Tibo's menu, click here. Like what you see? Book through us for 30% off food and drink, you're welcome.

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2. Chaophraya – 30% OFF FOOD 

Escape the bustle of the city and take a culinary adventure to Thailand. Inspired by all things Thai, the culinary team bring together classic Eastern and distinct signature dishes resulting in a delicious fusion! It's the only Thai restaurant I trust, after spending three months in Thailand, I can honestly say that Chaophraya deliver dishes that are comparable to the street food delights I experienced there. There are also a fantastic range of cocktails, wines and beers that perfectly compliment the dishes! 

The team at Chaophraya have curated a varying menu that features With a varying menu encompassing the best of Thai cuisine, it’s no wonder Chaophraya is a favourite of many up and down the country. Now you can experience for less and have a taste of Pad Thai, Spring Rolls and Chicken Satay without the guilt! For a true taste of Thai cuisine, we recommend the Khun Kim Grill Satay Platter; it’s fiery, fresh and flavoursome. It features Sirloin Steak, Sugar Snap Peas, Moo Ping, Chestnut Mushrooms, Chicken Satay and more, it’ll challenge your taste buds, that’s for sure! 

The lovely people at Chaophraya even offer cooking classes so you can impress at your next dinner party with authentic Thai dishes! Forget bland, watery Thai takeaways and welcome fresh, healthy meals that you will be able to create for your family and friends. Get in the kitchen with the chefs and they'll turn you into an accomplished chef in no time. They may even give you the secrets of how they create the delicious meals they serve in the restaurant. 

Book through us and you can experience authentic Thai cuisine without the pricey airfare to Thailand; you can enjoy 30% off food - enjoy! Check out Chaophraya's menu here or want to read more? 

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Located in the heart of Glasgow, Absurd Bird is in prime location for some fried chicken burgers and booze. Who doesn’t love Southern fried food? Born out of a passion for great food, drink and a love affair with the deep south, Absurd Bird will take you on a journey full of colour and flavours. There’s something for everyone at Absurd Bird: from Xtreem Hot Wings (if you can handle the heat), Mama’s Homemade Chicken and Waffles and ‘The Total Melt’ for the adventurous, it contains chicken three-ways and homemade cheese fondue. Oh, and there are even bird-less burgers for our veggie and vegan friends.

Alongside these incredible food options, there’s a range of epic cocktails on offer. There are sharing style creations such as giant Pornstar Martinis and Mojitos. Not a drinker? Try their range of mocktails created with Stryyk alcohol-free spirit (it’s advertised as containing all the spirit with none of the alcohol!)

Want to have a look at the menu yourself? Click here for more. 

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