History and culture of Manchester's Food Scene

Posted by Laura Springer on Jun 4, 2019 2:52:44 PM
Laura Springer

history and culture manchester food scene

The history of Manchester’s food scene is a colourful one. With humble beginnings of beige pasties and Eccles cakes, to dishes from all corners of the globe being added to menus across the city. Beginning in Chinatown, Manchester’s first foodie hotspot in the city centre, the food and drink scene has continued to boom for the past 20 years.

With a growth rate of 22% over the last five years according to food and drink analytics company CGA, Manchester is storming ahead of London with only 7% net growth. It’s certainly not showing any signs of slowing down.

Despite this staggering statistic, the food and drink scene was not always so popular. Once a leisure activity reserved for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, the growing popularity of casual dining has changed the face of eating out. Flexible dining spots such as Grub and Mackie Mayor have aided the growth in popularity; they're sociable hangout spots where anything from brunch and a coffee, to dinner and cocktails can be enjoyed with the backdrop of live music, all without moving from one spot. These multifunctional spaces are perfect for restauranteurs too; food stalls can host pop ups to test the popularity of their dishes before plunging into owning a restaurant. 

All of these factors have cultivated a rich, cultural food scene that Manchester can be proud of. This blog celebrates the best of Manchester's historical and cultural food scene, examining the different facets that make it such a celebrated foodie hotspot. 

Best Halal Restaurants in Manchester 

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Once a tall order, there are now many restaurants serving halal meat across Manchester. Rather than restricting those who follow a Halal diet to certain cuisine types, many different restaurants are now serving Halal meat. From Thai, Chinese to Italian, it’s now easier than ever to dine at a Halal restaurant in Manchester! This guide features a list of restaurants that boast a menu that is mainly Halal…enjoy!

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History and Culture of Manchester's Restaurants and Bars 

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Manchester's food and drink scene is booming. The net number of new openings in the city centre has increased by 22% over the last five years, research by food and drink analytics company CGA reveals.

These new restaurants must integrate themselves into the city and a find a place to call home, a tall order when real estate in the city centre comes at a premium. Restaurant owners have been forced to be creative when finding a perfect home for their restaurant, acting like hermit crabs finding old, historically-rich buildings to settle in. 

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