Money Conscious? Here are Manchester's Best Cheap Eats

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:28:34 PM

So you've just paid for that Jeff Goldbloom shower curtain that you might, definitely maybe need at some point in the future because your bacon strips shower curtain is looking a bit dated. That's arriving just before your Donald Trump toilet paper which will almost certainly get used one way or another. But then you see little hands for your fingers so you get them too. 

Then you realise you need to eat. Well, worry not. TableNow has got your back with cheap eats in Manchester made even cheaper with TableNow deals. Lets dig in. 

Rudy's Neopolitan Pizza, Little Italy, Ancoats.

9 Cotton Street, Ancoats, M4 5BF | Website


Rudy’s is a relaxed, down to earth, independent Neapolitan pizzeria.

Nestled within the area of Manchester known lovingly as ‘Little Italy’, you can expect hand crafted pizza that is carved straight from a slice of Naples. From the fiery Calabrese, jam packed with sumptuous N’Duja Sausages and fresh, juicy basil, to the simple, time tested Margherita.

You’ll find the base (which every pizza fan knows is more than simply an edible plate) to be the right balance between chewy and crunchy with delicate charring.

Open plan and stripped down. You’ll find an on-trend mix of grey concrete, bright accents and stripped back wooden furniture to please your inner brutalist.

Rudy’s is walk in only and waddle out only. I hope you brought your stretchy pants.

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Dog Bowl

Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW | Website

good dog

You wouldn't take your Mum to somewhere called 'Dog Bowl'. Even though it does sound a bit less than pedigree, you certainly won't be getting a dogs dinner. 'Dog Bowl' named for it's part of the Black Dog lineage, and for it's 10 pin bowling (love a good pun), offers thrills and good grub. 

They're under no illusions as to what they are, in fact, the own it. It's an experience built on solid, great tasting grub framed with a lively atmosphere that will stay with you longer than any fine dining fireworks. 

They opt for burgers you'd need an extra pair of hands to hold. The cut's of meat, beef, bacon all ooze fatty delights into the soft brioche.

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Cane & Grain, Northern Quarter

49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA | Website


Beer and ribs. Sounds familiar? That's because Manchester has become saturated with rump, ribs and beer joints. As a result, it becomes awfully hard to stand out from the crowd... if you don't bring anything new. When someone does come along with genuinely exciting takes on traditional options... they stand head and shoulders above the mediocrity. 

The decor?  Old 80s style skateboards, the big ones that look like bodyboards, have been mounted on plinths to serve as seats. There’s graffiti over almost everything.

The American style barbecue ribs, you'd get them almost anywhere, are ironically the ones that I like the most but they're also the hardest to perfect. Cain and Grain have got it right. They're fatty, succulent and seasoned perfectly before being cooked in a smoker for no less than I sleep at night: 8 hours. 

Best of all, it's relatively cheap. Reasonably priced and made even better with a TableNow discount.

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