Want to attract new business? Start by offering customer benefits

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 1, 2018 2:30:00 PM

Want to know how to attract customers to buy your product and increase customer satisfaction? Well, according to research conducted by BankingRefunds.co.uk, almost a third of young British consumers (18-24-year olds) expect ‘perks’ from brands, and if they do, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

These perks do not need to be costly. The data also supports that 35% of the people surveyed appreciate it when brands go the extra mile to provide benefits; even if they are covered by the cost of purchase. This is a win-win for any business trying to improve customer acquisition, without the additional costs involved. Importantly, choose money-saving perks that suit many different customer profiles. Lifestyle perks work perfectly here; not only is the customer buying your product, but they are saving in other areas of their expenditure. Rather than offering products that may be hit or miss with the consumer, offer savings on popular leisure activities.

Many larger businesses have seen the worth in offering a customer loyalty benefit. One of the most recognisable examples of a this is that offered by insurance comparison site Compare the Market. By offering a years’ worth of 2 for 1 cinema deals for each and every customer, no matter how large their purchase, they successfully acquire new business whether that be from movie fanatics or those looking for family activities. They offer a money-saving service that is applicable to everyone (insurance), and a further money-saving lifestyle benefit (half price cinema tickets). Customers know they can save money in two different ways; on an essential and on a luxury. This is what aids customer satisfaction as an initial investment is earned back, the customer is saving money on things they do every day.

Before embarking upon a customer benefit package, it’s important to choose benefits where you can track its success. This is crucial when renewal period comes around. It demonstrates how successful the customer perk is at not only attracting new customers but retaining them too.

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A TableNow discount dining memberships permits up to 50% off dining at restaurants across the country. We sell to businesses as either employee, or company benefits and have proved very successful thus far. We help people’s budgets stretch further; we permit people to spend on valuable experiences that would otherwise take a hit.

By offering this benefit, we help businesses learn more about their customers. With bespoke data collection technology, we can demonstrate how successful our benefit has been to your customers. Therefore, we can act as a customer satisfaction measurement. We can provide data on how many times a membership has been used, at what restaurants, in what area of the country and crucially, how much money has been saved. This is valuable data to be harnessed by your company. 

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