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Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 2:36:21 PM

Have you got a few mates you need to entertain? A significant other you want to impress? Or are you just looking to save some money? Maybe you're a restaurant looking to fill some empty tables? Either way, TableNow is for you. 

Diners, you'll be joining (numbers of people saving with TableNow) 

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Everyone loves to dine out, so why not save a bit of money while you're doing it? 

What Is TableNow? 

TableNow is so many things. A deal browser, where you can save up to 50% of your total bill. A booking system. A restaurant finder. 

But how can we offer such amazing discounts? Well, in some cases, restaurants will have really tricky tables that they can never fill. Have you ever been to a restaurant and noticed a table, think with dust, tucked under the stairs? Not if you've been to a TableNow restaurant.

We take the tables that restaurants never fill and offer discounts to encourage diners who otherwise wouldn't think about sirloin steak on a Wednesday afternoon. 

It's win win. Diners get a discount, restaurants win extra business.

But TableNow doesn't stop there...

What Does TableNow Mean For Diners? 

At it's core, TableNow is about saving much needed money. Knowing you've cut back on the cash means you can really, really, I mean, really enjoy your meal... like this young lady:

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  • We help hungry diners save up to 50% in top restaurants 7 days a week
  • No need to ring restaurants to make a reservation, book directly through our easy to use website or app
  • We have a passion for not only finding our customers a great offer but finding them an amazing restaurant they will love
  • TableNow goes with you on your adventures! We're the biggest discount dining app in the NorthWest, you can find restaurants in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Blackpool, Bury, Bolton and so many more. 
  • We're expanding! You'll find restaurants putting their feet under our table in Huddersfield soon. 

You may find your new favourite restaurant and save some money. How good is that? 

To get started just go to the TableNow Website, or download the app. You won't need to ring anyone.

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What Does TableNow Mean For Restaurants? 

For restaurants, TableNow streamlines your bookings system, throws out the boring contracts and gives your staff an opportunity to save money.

We just want to make something as difficult as running a restaurant that little bit easier. 

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So if you own a busy restaurant and can't find time to implement expensive, drawn out strategies to fill your empty tables - TableNow is for you. 

Lets have a look at a few benefits you could be enjoying:

  • We are on the restaurant's side and give them full control of their inventory. Meaning we can help them fill tables when they need it the most
  • TableNow is completely free for restaurants and there are no contracts to sign - If you like the sound of us, then we're only a phone call away. 
  • TableNow is completely free for companies to set up for staff. This will not only cut down on company meal expenses but will help to engage and retain staff
  • Staff can use their membership 7 days a week, they can even save on the weekends!
  • We are passionate about not only helping people save money but to help the North West restaurant industry flourish

To get started just get in contact with a member of a TableNow team on




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