Manchester food Deals...

We all love to eat, and we all love a deal. 

Imagine polishing off a juicy slab of t-bone steak, running your finger along the plate collecting the last of the salsa verde sauce and crunching the last delicious corner of fresh asparagus. Sounds good, right? 

Now imagine getting the bill. It lands on your table, folded. A few tiny minty chocolates to sweeten the deal. You unfold it and choke a little on your last chocco mint. You look to your friends and they can do nothing but shrug. 'Thanks guys' you mutter as you fumble your card out of your wallet. This is the last time we go dining in Manchester. 

There is a third, lesser known scenario. It's not myth, but will certainly make you a legend...

You enjoy your amazing meal, receive your bill and your chocco mints. You unfold the bill and pass the it around. Everyone looks worried except you. You pull out your phone and show the waitress your TableNow app. Your friends nod slowly in appreciation as 50% is taken off your total bill. 

That's a Manchester food deal we can all get behind. But where did it all start? Welcome to TableNow's Manchester Food Deal Archive.

If you want to be a Manchester Food Deal Legend, you'll find all the tips, tricks and deals on this page. Manchester food deals await! 

What will you need to become a manchester Food deal legend? 

The road to becoming a Manchester Food Deal Legend is a long and perilous one, but rewarding no end. Like all legends, however, you'll need to take several steps to ensure you're operating at optimum Legend. 

The Friends:

Manchester food deal

Show me a Legend that didn't have a group of good friends. Find me someone you can't forget who didn't have a mate behind him. If you want to be a Manchester Food Deal Legend then you need 

A mate from Manchester is a mate for life. Remember that. Return to the old group chat, rekindle that Snapchat streak or maybe you could just go and knock on? You'll need them because without a mate, what's the point of 

The 'Lets go straight to mains' 


This fine specimen of a mate will be known to Diners all over the world. This one doesn't even give the starter menu a chance thinking they're just small and annoying versions of the mains. This is the kind of mate you'd trust to look after your wallet on a night out. They're reliable, trust worthy and definitely boring.  

Highlight of this mate: May also come out with something like; 'I'll have a dessert instead.'

Where to take this mate: Cane and Grain. No messing around with starters, let's just get into the beef. 

We all know it's a lie but every Manchester Food Deal Legend needs one. 

Or, worse still... The 'We've got pudding at home.' 


Manchester Food Deal Legends proceed with caution, this mate has to be one of the trickiest.

In most cases, we're looking at you parents. The microwave sticky toffee pudding does not count as pudding, it has been banished to the back of the cupboard for a reason. 

Manchester has some of the finest restaurants in the country and pudding is one of the finest courses. Let's not deny ourselves the most sanctimonious of indulgences. Moreover, let's not deny me. 

Highlight of this mate: When you finally win and get your pudding but the staff member asks if you'd like another spoon. 'No. They had their chance'

Where to take this mate: 1887 Bar and Lounge. Their desserts will turn even the strongest of heretics back towards the light. 

The 'I'm going to get a few starters for my main'


This mate is definitely one you want to keep hold of. Talk about resourceful, when their food empire arrives you quickly realise you've made a mistake.

Manchester Food Deal Legend, take note. This individual is definitely the one you'd run to when the doomsday clock starts ticking because they've got the resourcefulness and foresight you need to survive.

Highlight of this mate: Will always have spare change for the tip. 

Where to take this mate: La Vina. If you can't beat em'. Join em'.

The 'I'm not one to complain... but.' 


You can be enjoying your meal, everything good in the world... until you hear those words 'I'm not one to complain.'. They're the worst because you know what follows it; but. 

Highlight of this mate: 0% chance of being a 'yes man' 

Where to take this mate: Podium Restaurant. Nothing to complain about here, least of all the view. 

So when Ian Brown said...

"Manchester's got everything except a beach."

I think he was talking about all the different diners a Manchester Food Deal Legend has to contend with. Who will you recruit? Who will you leave behind? You decide.

The Plan:

Manchester Food Deal Legend, your plan can be delivered and devised with military precision if you choose. 

In which case, TableNow has got your back with a selection of the finest restaurants in Manchester for you to choose from.


Zizzi 2-1

The year was 79 AD, Julius Agricola had just travelled up the M40 and arrived in what he called Mamucian. What a fine place he thought as he had visions of great football teams and the Happy Mondays. Ever since, not much has changed. Just the name.

Skip forward to the present day. You can still walk the same roads as the General himself, visit the same buildings… even eat the same food.

Here are four of the finest Italian Restaurants in Manchester. 



I love an American diner. I love how the character of the restaurant seems to be taken more seriously than the food and I love how there is always that chirpy waitress who becomes third wheel to awkward dates.

In all seriousness though, the American’s have it alright. Across the pond they have some of the best and most accessible mid-range dining experiences in the world.

Let’s see how Manchester has replicated that


La Vina 2

The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, meaning “to cover”. Some say tapas got its name because back in the day Spaniards used to cover their drinks with small plates to stop the flies.

I’d say it’s because tapas has something for everyone. It’s the one stop shop for fussy eaters everywhere.

In honour of these deliciously tiny trays, I’ve whipped up a list of the tastiest tapas in Manchester.

Let’s dig in.

Pub Grub:

Tapas 1-1

George Orwell, famous author of many classics including Animal Farm and other dystopian novels, once said this of the pub:

“And if anyone knows of a pub that has draught stout, open fires, cheap meals, a garden, motherly barmaids and no radio, I should be glad to hear of it, even though its name were something as prosaic as the Red Lion or the Railway Arms.”

Times have certainly changed. Did Orwell ever count on the rise of Gastro Pubs? Where we can get everything he loved, the fire, the warm atmosphere… with the extra benefit of delicious food?

I’ll dedicate this one to you, Mr Orwell. Here are some of the best Gastro Pubs in Manchester.

Cheap Eats:

Brewski 1

So you've just paid for that Jeff Goldbloom shower curtain that you might, definitely maybe need at some point in the future because your bacon strips shower curtain is looking a bit dated. That's arriving just before your Donald Trump toilet paper which will almost certainly get used one way or another. But then you see little hands for your fingers so you get them too. 

Then you realise you need to eat.

Well, worry not. TableNow has got your back with cheap eats in Manchester made even cheaper with TableNow deals. Lets dig in.

Mid Range:

Mitre 4

So you're looking for a bit of fancy? Something a bit different? Something that you can invite your fun friends to? You're also looking for something that isn't going to leave you boracic-lint skint

So, in honour of these restaurants that cut out the fat and pomp, let's cut to the chase. Here are some of the best Mid-range dining experiences in Manchester. Emphasis on the experience. 

Read now!


Albatross 2

Mooching round the cold streets of Manchester, it hits you. Hunger. Your Belly gurgles and groans. You quickly translate the message; it wants steak. Juicy, tender steak.

Now it’s just a question of where. Your brain kicks in. Manchester. Restaurant. Steak. Your Belly groans again. Now isn’t the time for messing around, Brain. We need the best steakhouses in Manchester, not any.

Settle down, Belly, we’ve got you. Here’s a list of the most fabulous steakhouses in Manchester.


Once you've become accustomed with everything Manchester has to offer you'll be well on your way to becoming a Manchester food deal legend. 

We've even got some restaurants in Liverpool, if you fancy defecting to the other side. What do you fancy? Curry, tapas or burgers

Next, it's the most important part. The money saving deal. 

The Deal:

This is where the fun begins, Manchester Food Deal Legend. You'll also note that it's the most important attribute a Manchester Food Deal Legend has. To build your deal and save money on great food you'll need to pick from the following:

Choose your poison. Is it Italian? American? Classic Pub Grub? Maybe Tapas? Chinese? Indian? 

Choose you deal: Is it 30% off the total bill? 50% off food? Or 2 for 1 on Starters, Mains or Desserts? 

Choose your haunt: Is it Manchesters finest, Australasia? 

With a range of over 200 restaurants in the Manchester Area, all running one of these 3 deals, you'll have no problem finding somewhere for you and your troop to set yourselves down. You'll just need to whip out your phone and use a handy app to locate these restaurants and save yourself some cash. 

But what is this app?

The Tool:

Every Legend has their tools from which their true Legend status is realised. What would Cantona be with out a ball? Noel and Liam without a stage? Carol Ann Duffy without pen and page? 

For you, Manchester Food Deal Legend (in training) I offer a tool fit for your status. Presenting:

The TableNow App and Website, the best place to find amazing dining deals in the North West. Watch the video below to learn more.

With this tool you'll be the first name on the team sheet, the go to guy. Let's have a look at one of our other Manchester Food Deal Legends in action at Cane and Grain:

St Louis Ribs  £12
Cane And Grain Burger £9
Kansas City Fries  £4
Jacksonville Fries  £4
Total: £29
With TableNow: £14.50


That's a cool £15 saving. Enough to buy you some amazing things...

Theo Lorenz colouring books.... exciting... right? 

unicorns are jerksdinosaurs with jobs

Just lemon starburst...

You know, for when you just want to ruin somebodies day. 


30 floppy disks each with a whopping 1.44mb storage...

Guess how many songs you can store of these bad boys? Maybe 1. Between all 30. 


Okay so maybe it's just better for everyone if you save that £15 and use it next time you go out for a TableNow meal?

So that's TableNow. You book your favourite restaurant with your mates and you save some money. They're even running a free trial for 3 months. If you're convinced and want to try it out for yourself click the button below. 

Get your free trial now!