The best Burgers Liverpool has to offer

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On April 1st 1998, Burger King took out a full page in the USA today newspaper introducing a new variant of the Whopper which was designed specifically for lefties. This new burger was the same as the original but was rotated 180 degrees. Nonetheless, thousands of people swarmed BK’s up and down the U.S demanding a left-handed burger.

The message here? I’m not entirely sure. Left handed people struggle to eat burgers? Ugh. Learning is hungry work. Here are 4 of the best burgers Liverpool has to offer.

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Nolita Cantina

84 Bold Street, L1 4HF

After struggling to find an authentic, traditional American good experience, chefs Grace Makin & Jen Roberts opened Nolita Cantina with the goal of changing the misconceptions around American food.

The one to look out for here is ‘The Big Boy’. Standing taller than most toddlers, this whopper is a feat of human engineering. You’ll be torn between eating it and preserving it as the 8th wonder of the world. Don’t let this fancy presentation fool you though. Makin and Roberts know how to sear a patty. Perfectly juicy. They slow cook their meat without pressing so you never have a dry bite.

Reminiscent of American diners and dive bars, the interior is fundamentalist and stripped down. You’d be half expecting a bar brawl to break out, but not in a bad, stool smashing style. More of a ‘I saw that in the movies’ style.


Free state

1 Maryland St, Liverpool L1 9DE

Free State, like every good burger, has a surprise waiting for you when you get to it. That surprise comes in the form of a secret garden for you to enjoy while tucking into your burger. This helps Free State, along with the interior, create a rustic vibe.

The furniture is dark, polish oak. The floorboards are creaky. Are we expecting the peaky blinders to walk in and smash a glass over someone? Maybe? Would we love that? Definitely.

They’ve really got the meat to bun ratio down at free state. The bun is perfectly crisped to give you that satisfying crunch before the patty. We recommend the barbeque cheeseburger. There’s just something holy about beef and BBQ sauce.


Death Row Dive and Diner

32 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BX

When you see poetry on the wall written in neon you know you’re in for an experience.  When you see mugshots of past and present convicted criminals, along with transcripts their final telephone call, you start to ask questions. Mainly, can I take pictures?

At Death Row Dive and Diner the he lighting is low with a real hardened criminal vibe. With sections labelled “No Regrets” and dishes named after methods of human torturing – such as “Hog-Tied” – the diner emits a rather eerie and debatable atmosphere. This is all part of the atmosphere of course, but it wouldn’t be for everyone.

We’d recommend the burning love. A delicious double patty with cheese, bacon onion rings, flambeed bourbon sauce, pickles and slaw. Oh and a chupa chup.


Down the Hatch

Basement, 62 Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AA

Liverpool’s one stop shop for veggie junk food. Even if you’ve never thought of touching a veggie burger I can guarantee Down the Hatch will change your mind.

At Down the Hatch has a lively atmosphere, even when it’s not a weekend. My party, predominately meat eaters, found themselves nicely filled up on veggie delights and jovial atmosphere.

It’s a safespot for people who just love food and those that go there can’t get enough of the Veggie Zinger burger.


Those are some of the best burgers you’ll find in Liverpool. So what’re waiting for? Get out there and make a mess. If you're looking to eat a great burger for half the price see TableNow here.

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