The Definitive American Dining Experiences to find in Manchester

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:25:30 PM

I love an American diner. I love how the character of the restaurant seems to be taken more seriously than the food and I love how there is always that chirpy waitress who becomes third wheel to awkward dates.

In all seriousness though, the American’s have it alright. Across the pond they have some of the best and most accessible mid-range dining experiences in the world.

Let’s see how Manchester has replicated that.


Infamous Diner

Music, shakeys, burgers, dames, broads and joey’s. The Infamous Diner is Manchester number one authentic, retro American diner experience.

When you go to the Infamous Diner make sure you bring a pen so you can play a fun game. Go down the menu and make a note of how many times the word ‘cheese’ and ‘BBQ’ appear on the menu, times that by the number of things you’d love on the menu, divide that by 2 and that’s your life expectancy.

The baby back ribs fall from the bone. The Fat Face hot dog is quintessential America; messy and huge. I had ‘The Nacho Mama’ 75% because I love a good pun and 25% because the holy trinity of sweet salsa, sour cream and fiery jalapenos cannot be denied.

The Infamous Diner has got the décor down. With booths, swivel stool at the bar and waitresses with beehives and pinny dresses, you’ll be expecting John Travolta and Uma Thurman to walk in and start dancing the twist. No? Well we can hope.

The diner also offers it’s venue for weddings, children’s parties and other such occasions.


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All Star Lanes

If you follow any footballers from either of the Manchester teams on Instagram or snapchat then your likely to have seen them using the private rooms that All Star Lanes, the ten-pin bowling/American food haven, offers.

The massive private bowling lanes come with a dedicated mixologist and are perfect for birthday parties and group occasions. The last bowling slot for children is 5pm, so it’s a uniquely adult experience in the evening.

The restaurant prides itself on using only local produce to populate it’s rather expansive menu. Wagyu burgers, lobster man n’ cheese, buttermilk chicken… marinated in chilli, honey & sour cream and coated in cornflake crumbs… fried until golden and crispy… sorry, can you tell what I had? I took that with a sickly and delicious float.

As you would expect the restaurant and bar area are striking. Complete with chirpy, bobby-socked waitresses that float around while a rock ‘n’ roll anthem gives melody to the pop of bowling pins being smashed.


Neighbourhood Manchester   

Neighbourhood used to the place you’d go for a post work drink that would transform into a messy cocktail fuelled night out. Not anymore.

A £1 Million refit and refurbishment has transformed Neighbourhood into a bar/restaurant/club with lathering’s of pizzazz. Dark oak is offset with bright and vibrant green leather seats. Luxury is made accessible in Neighbourhood and I think that’s something that was sorely missed in the Spinningfields area.

The Lil’ Burgers are a cute little option and give you a great semblance of what you’re dealing with. Otherwise, I’d recommend the braised beef mac and cheese. The pasta holds a lot of sauce. Like creamy delicious presents, just for me.

What Neighbourhood gets right, is what those across the pond are known for. The customer is always right and service is top of the list of priorities at Neighbourhood. You’ll certainly have a pleasant experience, but you likely won’t have as much unadulterated fun as you would if you went to the other diners on this list.


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