Live the Catalan Dream: The Best Tapas in Liverpool

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 6, 2018 10:31:33 PM

Tapas, tapas… tapas. The most searched for query around these tiny dishes is ‘How many should I order?’ Most answers include the numbers 3 or 4.

I say as many as you want, and this list will have you agreeing with me.

These are the best places to get a Tapas fix in Liverpool.


Salt House Bacaro

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Inspired by the Bacaro’s of Venice, you can expect exquisite small plates served to perfection.

In Venice, a Bacaro is a workingman’s pub. Italians gather for delicious cuisine served in small plates with an accompanying ombra of wine. These small pubs were traditionally quite dank, small and dark, worlds apart from the Bacaro we have today.

Salt House Bacaro  provides an industrial setting for your choice of miniature dishes. The bar is well stocked with Campari based cocktails and an extensive wine list.

Enjoy tiny stonebaked pizzas with roasted chicken, pesto and parmesan or delicious Grilled king scallop in shell with garlic and parsley butter.

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In our previous Tapas blog we talked about Lunya Manchester. You’d be glad to hear that Lunya Liverpool is a chip off the old block.

The multi-award-winning venue showcases a passion and flair for Catalan and Spanish food and drink.

Situated on College Lane, Lunya makes the most of its outdoor seating space by letting the hustle and bustle of Liverpool city centre settle inside it’s modest and stylish interior.

Choose from a vast array of cheese, meat tapas, tapas banquets, vegetable tapas, fish tapas and sharing deli platters.

Lunya also serves up fresh Paella that any tapas dish can compliment with ease.

Neon Jamon

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Jamon, the Spanish word for ham, is the active word in this case. Almost all the dishes that Neon Jamon has to offer feature deliciously cured cuts of pork.

The building itself is cosmopolitan and hip. This is an authentic Catalan experience right down to the levels of light. The street opens up to you as daylight rushes in through the full size patio window wall.

Red leather booths are lit by hanging lamp creating an intimate experience for diners as they swap and share their dishes.

Speaking of dishes, what do you fancy? Paprika marinated chicken skewers, with a spicy red pepper sauce? Slow cooked pork ribs with rosemary, quince and honey? Or Oven roast cod loin, garlic & chilli crust, red pepper & white bean sauce?

There’s something for everyone here.

La Vina Liverpool

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 Just off Victoria Street, La Vina is a great starter to your night on the town. A lively and buzzing atmosphere will get you right in the mood, and the smell from the open kitchen will get you hungry.

La Vina’s fantastic menu includes everything from succulent chicken breast strips and cured beef croquetas to Catalan-style fish stew of prawns, white fish, mussels and clams.

La Vina also boasts an amazing selection of gluten free options, a welcome addition for many families I’m sure.

You’ll also be delighted to know that you can choose from an extensive range of Spanish Wines, Sherries and Cavas to compliment your meal.

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