What makes TableNow Different?

Posted by Tom Sumner on Apr 16, 2018 4:25:06 PM

Our favourite kind of meal is the one that we weren't planning on. The spontaneous one that only a good group of hungry friends could conjure. They're often the ones that're filled with fun and leave you saying; 'Let's do this again some time.' 

Luckily, there are plenty of apps and services out there who want to help you save money and the dining industry is booming because of it. 

But what about you? Outside of the meal, are you getting a good deal? Is it on your terms? If not, TableNow is the dining club for you. 

Lets have a look at what makes TableNow stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

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For Diners  

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We hate the fact that something as pure and delightful as dining out with friends can't be accessible. We want to make sure that you can get a table however and whenever you please, even now. 

Say Goodbye to Subscriptions

When you've got bills to pay, who needs to add an extra subscription? One that you might not even have used in the past month? 

We did away with subscriptions. 

Saving money while enjoying some of your favourite dishes sounds good. Doing it without being tied into a subscription service sounds even better. Just pay per meal, only paying when you save. 

No More Awkward Phone Calls 

If you're in the middle of pulling together the greatest meal out that none of your friends know about yet, you're not going to be wanting to ring the restaurant as well as all your mates. 

While other dining clubs force you towards the phone, we handle the restaurant for you. Book directly through the app and you'll get everything you need to your device. Perfect for those spontaneous meals that need to come together now.

Weekend Availability 

The holy grail of dining clubs. We are championing weekend availability for our diners with most of our restaurants offering weekend availability. 

No other dining club can offer you a table on the weekend as readily as TableNow can. 


For Restaurants 

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You Control Your Own Inventory

There is nothing worse than someone taking control of something you've worked very hard to get right. That's why we give restaurants full control of their availability

With TableNow you can choose the day, times and people you want to host and what discount you want to give. It really is up to you.

No Contracts To Sign 

Just negotiate which days and times you'd like to offer along with a discount.  

TableNow Offers A Full Booking System 

We're local. We care. We're championing local dining.

Your Staff Can Use The Discounts 

TableNow is completely free for companies to set up for staff. This will not only cut down on company meal expenses but will help to engage and retain. Staff can use their membership 7 days a week, they can even save on the weekends!

Roll this into a loyalty scheme or just a perk of the job. It's up to you, boss! 

Investment Is Heavy 

We're investing heavily in outdoor and radio advertisement on Smooth Radio. Each of our adverts features a restaurant too, so you could be in line for some free advertisement. Win, Win. 

If that isn't good enough, we've got the amazing Greg Wallace on board to do our voice work. 

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