Why TableNow is the Perfect Offering to Employees

Posted by Laura Springer on Nov 13, 2019 2:35:42 PM
Laura Springer

Everyone loves receiving free benefits and perks from their company. In fact, it’s often a competition between businesses to offer the best perks and therefore attract and retain the best talent. Companies like Google and Social Chain have set the tone with their competitive benefit packages, excellent on-site facilities and fun filled offices. How can we help you stand out from the crowd?

It’s without doubt that perks and benefits are a growing consideration when choosing a new workplace. People are starting to want more than just a job with progression and a competitive salary. In fact, according to recruitment company Glassdoor, 57% of people admit that benefits and perks are amongst their top considerations before joining a company.

So, it’s clear you should be offering competitive benefits. But what perks are the most successful? Well, things that are universal and flexible are an essential consideration to cater to every employee. We have found that money-saving tools work the best as who doesn’t want to make the most of their salary every month?  

A TableNow membership is an excellent addition to a competitive benefits package. It has proved popular with companies such as Sky, KPMG and BBC who have offered out TableNow memberships to reward their loyal employees. Here are a list of reasons why you should do the same:

perks of offering a tablenow membership

  • Universal – dining out appeals to a whole host of different people. With over 3,000 restaurants and counting across the UK, there’s a restaurant to suit everyone.
  • Flexible – unlike our competitors, 95% of our restaurants offer discount over the weekend. This is perfect for employees working 9-5 as they can celebrate the end of the working week in style with no restrictions!
  • One for all – just one TableNow membership is needed to book a table of up to 10. Treating your employees has never been so affordable.
  • Convenient – the booking process is simple using our easy to use website or app. There’s no need to call a restaurant again, we do all the hard work for you!

Not only is it a perfect perk for employees, but it’s also a great perk for companies. Want to cut costs on entertaining staff or clients? A TableNow membership saves up to 50% off the bill. That’s double the entertaining for no extra cost.  

If you would like to learn more about offering TableNow as part of your current perks package, please click here. 


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